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Welcome to Harborough Community Church

Coffee Hearts

The Coffee & Cake Department

Click here to find out more about our wonderful coffee shop as a meeting place for everyone

Welcome to our website!

Hi, I'm Stephen and this is my wife Jo. I look after our church and together we are very involved in helping our community. Love to see you at our church any time!

God on the move

People sharing their experiences during lockdown

Working Together
Decorating easter Eggs

Why church?

Click here to find out why people come to our church, why they enjoy it and what they find helpful

More about faith

What's it all about?

We have lots of resources here to help you find out about church, what we do and what we believe. If you are interested to find out about faith or have questions this is probably a good place to start

Our aim is to help people understand God's love for them and to see how that can change their lives and the community we live in. God's love is amazing and you will find people explaining how discovering his love has helped them

What's on?

We have many activities at our church - it's a busy place.
You can find details here of the regular activities, some of which take place at church and others in people's homes.
We have a coffee shop open every morning 9am-12.00 except Sundays. We have a range of premium coffee drinks and home made cakes. We do drinks and treats for kids too!
Our building is also used by other community groups and some of their activities are listed here. We are an integral part of the Harborough community

The building is open Monday to Saturday morning and for services on Sundays

Mon - Fri: 9am - 12.00
Sat: 10am - 12.00
Sun: First service 9am-10.15am and Second service 11.00am-12.15

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