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Staff Profiles

Community Leaders — Here to Serve You

Ross Dunning

Church leadership team

Ross has been part of HCC for many years and part of the leadership team for the last 8 years. He has wife and 2 children, works locally at a conference venue and likes sports Judo, football and most other sports. Loves food and good coffee !

Stephen Jack

Church leadership team

Stephen was part of our church from the age of 6. He later trained as a nurse. In due course, he moved towards full-time charity work, seeking to meet the needs of the community. He married Joanna, and together they moved to Zimbabwe to lead projects there. After 5 years, they moved to Johannesburg in South Africa where Stephen led a community based church and its many projects. After 17 years in South Africa they returned to Market Harborough with their three children in 2021. Stephen is a fervent and lifelong Leicester City football supporter. 

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