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Amazing answer to prayer

We had an amazing answer to prayer last week.

A couple from South Africa were staying with us. A business he was associated with in SA made bank security devices that spray the bank notes with blue dye making them worthless when a cash machine is attacked. The company wanted him to do a demonstration to a security company in the UK the following week.

The equipment relies on pressurised nitrogen to spray the dye but you can’t ship pressurised equipment by air. It required filling with nitrogen to a pressure of, ideally 16 bar (5 times more pressure than a car tyre), but needs over 10 bar pressure to operate properly and empty all the dye. In the current Covid situation he told me he couldn’t find any companies that could help. I remembered that we used nitrogen in the lab at our factory, so rang and confirmed that they had a nitrogen cylinder with at least 20 bars of pressure and were happy for us to use it.

We prayed that God would step in and it would all work as the demonstration was the following week. When we got there we found there was a 10 bar safety limiter on the cylinder and it cannot be removed. Because we had prayed we decided to give it a go though we knew it couldn’t really work. You can see the 10 bar limiter in the picture.

We opened the valves and nitrogen filled the security device but it stopped at 9.5 bar because of the 10 bar limiter. This was to be expected but was not enough. We tried everything but nothing worked to raise the pressure. Disappointed and out of options we closed the valve but as we did, the pressure shot up to 13 bar! We checked it on the security device’s gauge and it also showed 13 bar pressure (see picture). Two gauges can’t be wrong. Success!

There is no way closing a valve can add 30% more gas into a cylinder and certainly not through a 10 bar safety valve. It was an amazing answer to prayer.


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