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The joy of trusting God

I had always been quite methodical with finances, planning ahead and saving where possible. My dad worked in finance and so I would always look quite carefully at bills and was quite risk averse to say the least. 

In our first year of marriage, my husband and I set up an Art Gallery in South West London which was a real eye opener for both of us. We were completely reliant on God the whole way through and faced many challenges. God provided on every level, from finding a shop unit to getting staff and being able to pay all our bills every month. God opened every single door, to the point where we were actually rent free for a whole year and pretty much had no bills at all. I really learned to rely on him in that experience, it was so freeing. We didn’t know from one day to the next if we could pay for our food shopping or the rent for our flat but I felt such freedom knowing that it was in his hands and not through my own strength. It was a really exciting time for both of us.

More recently in June 2020 I was made redundant from a Design role because of Lockdown. We have faced many trials through lockdown in our personal lives but once again we have both experienced God’s peace and blessing over the situation. We feel so blessed that God has been with us throughout this time and I trust that whatever is next for me will be the right thing. 

We have learned that freedom doesn’t come from getting out of tough situations; it comes from trusting in God.


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