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Janet shares a story of God at work in Africa

Janet makes regular trips to help the poor in Malawi, Africa. She holds clinics to help with their health, teaches them, distributes clothing, soap and medicines and encourages them. Food is also distributed when it is in short supply. There are many blind people (with 'river blindness' from a parasite in the water they drink where there are no wells) who need extra help. She is known as 'Mama Janet' and has been working with them for over 10 years. In this time she has raised money for more than 10 boreholes to provide clean water to villages and communities. She collects unwanted good in the UK and fills 40 foot containers with donated clothing, products and furniture for the villages, shipping them and distributing them to the needy when she is there.

There are many stories and she wrote a small book with many of the stories if you would like a copy to read. Click below for a copy.

The Coffee Shop at Harborough Community Church helps raise funds for boreholes.


Harborough Community Church,
121 Bath Street,
Market Harborough, Leicestershire

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