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What we believe


We believe that God created our world and each one of us as unique individuals. That means we are significant to him. God created us with the capacity to love and our highest experience in life is love. We need it at all stages of life and every day. The bible teaches that God created us 'in his image' - meaning he is a God of love and installed that desire for relationship and the ability to love into our very being. He also gave us other characteristics such as a sense of justice and a conscience. These three reflect his character - love, justice and holiness


Jesus came for two reasons.
He came to show us what God is like and his attitude toward us. He challenged and changed the world's way of thinking. He showed love to everyone, stood against control and dominance and taught gentleness and servant heartedness.
Secondly he came to die for us. The wrong we do offends God and creates a barrier between us and him, so we do not see him or relate to him. Jesus died as a sinless sacrifice to pay the price of our sin and bring forgiveness to us so that God can connect with us again.

Life with God at the centre

Jesus opened the way back for us to enter a relationship with him. It is a choice for each of us. We can turn toward him and say sorry for our wrongdoing and invite him into our lives or we can carry on without him.

When we say sorry for our wrongdoing we are washed clean and made new and as we invite him into our lives we can start to get to know him. His spirit (called the Holy Spirit) comes into us and starts something new in us (like gaining a sixth sense). The bible starts to mean something when we read it; when we pray we become aware that God is there and listening. We start to see answers to prayer. We find we have an affinity to other christians and enjoy their company and our common experience of him. God shows us ways to help others and brings people to help us. We have a new peace in our hearts that was not there before. We enjoying singing and praying together with other christians (that is what church is) and learning about our new found faith


Church is simply a family of believers - those who have come to know God in their hearts and experienced his love for themselves. Together we sing praise to God, pray for the world, our community and those around us. Worship is a key part of the service - expressing our love and appreciation to God. We also learn together through teaching during a church service and by meeting in homes to discuss faith, ask questions and work out our issues and problems. 

As a church we seek to love and help other people both in our community and abroad. We work with other churches in the town to provide counselling support (through Bower House), youth activities (through the Cube) and keeping people safe at night in the town centre (through Street Pastors).

We also help the poor in Burkina Faso by providing help for refugees, in Malawi by providing emergency food in droughts and clean water supplies by drilling boreholes in villages. We support a church in a township area in Johannesburg who are helping the community and bringing hope through education and social care

You can find lots more about faith and answers to questions about who Jesus is, science & faith, suffering, bible reliability etc in the Discovery Room (click here or button below).

Have a look around.

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