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Discovery Room

Welcome to this space dedicated to finding out more
Lots of people have questions about faith - What do you believe? Why do you believe it? Is faith reasonable?
You will find lots of starting points for finding more information from around our website. You will also find other links and information as you look round.
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Woman in Pain

If there is a God, why is there suffering?

Click here to find out some thoughts on why this might be


Hasn't science disproven faith?

Click here to discover what science has found and its relevance to faith

What do you actually believe?

Click here for a simple explanation about what we believe

People in Park

Why do you think God is real?

Read our blog of things that have happened in people's lives


Isn't the bible full of contradictions?

This is a common question. Click here to find out what is true

Lonely Traveller

I don't think the church is for people like me

A lot of people feel very unsure about going to a church

Why do people want to go to church?

Listen to what people who go to church say about why they like it


What do churches do for the town?

Churches are about more than Sundays. They play a big part in the community

Town Street.jpg
CCD Hagan.png

What activities are there at your church?

Have a look at the wide range of activities in our church (normally)

Stressed Man

Can you help with financial difficulties?

We have a team who may be able to help you

Why are there verses on the Old Grammar School in the centre of town?

Have you noticed the verses? Find out all about its history

OG Verse.jpg

How can I find out more?

Where can I find out more? What is the next step?

Work Desk

Who is Jesus?

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