Where do I go from here?

There are several ways forward. Here are some ideas:

You can look into faith for yourself by:

  • Reading a gospel. We would suggest Mark's gospel as an account of Jesus life and teaching. We can supply you a copy in modern English that is easy reading (click below)

  • Talking to someone you know who goes to church

  • Asking questions. You can start a conversation with us by email or by text and we can guide you toward what might suit you best

  • You can do your own research using on-line resources. We have a page of suggested links (click below)

  • You could join an Alpha course and find out more with a group of people asking similar questions. This is national programme run across all the churches

  • Come to church to find out more as soon as we are open

  • Ask our team for more information or to arrange to meet someone to find out more

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