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Quotes from leading scientists

These scientists are leading scientists in their fields. Most of them are original discoverers in their fields. They are not Christians but speak about what they honestly see. All quotes are public and taken from A-Z Quotes.

Frank Tipler - leading physicist and cosmologist on the expansion of space and particle matter


"When I began my career as a cosmologist some twenty years ago, I was a convinced atheist. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that one day I would be writing a book purporting to show that the central claims of Judeo-Christian theology are in fact true, that these claims are straightforward deductions of the laws of physics as we now understand them. I have been forced into these conclusions by the inexorable logic of my own special branch of physics."

"Christianity is not a mere religion but an experimentally testable science."

Astro physicists Geraint Lewis & Luke Barnes

Fortunate universe.jpg

“This reaction against fine tuning might stem from the belief that fine tuning is the invention of a bunch of religious believers who hijacked physics to their own ends. This is not the case: the field began in physics journals and remains with physicists."

'A Fortunate Universe: Life in a fine tuned cosmos’ Page 242 (2016 Cambridge University Press)

Arno Allan Penzias is an American physicist, radio astronomer and Nobel laureate in physics.


"Astronomy leads us to a unique event, a universe which was created out of nothing, and delicately balanced to provide exactly the conditions required to support life. In the absence of an absurdly improbable accident, the observations of modern science seem to suggest an underlying, one might say, supernatural plan."

Roger Penrose won the 1988 Wolf Prize for physics, which he shared with Stephen Hawking. He is an English mathematical physicist, mathematician and philosopher of science


Roger Penrose worked with Stephen Hawking on time and space. Penrose is a Distinguished Supporter of Humanists UK.

"There is a certain sense in which I would say the universe has a purpose. It's not there just somehow by chance. Some people take the view that the universe is simply there and it runs along-it's a bit as though it just sort of computes, and we happen by accident to find ourselves in this thing. I don't think that's a very fruitful or helpful way of looking at the universe, I think that there is something much deeper about it, about its existence, which we have very little inkling of at the moment."

George Greenstein – University of Massachusetts Department of Astronomy. He is against faith but wrote ‘The Symbiotic universe’ which looks at elements of its design


“As we survey all the evidence, the thought insistently arises that some supernatural agency – or, rather, Agency – must be involved. Is it possible that suddenly, without intending to, we have stumbled upon scientific proof of the existence of the Supreme Being? Was it God who stepped in and so providentially crafted the cosmos for our benefit?”

Paul Davies - English Physicist, Cambridge, London and Arizona Universities


Paul Davies is Chairman of SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence). He is a Director of BEYOND, a researcher in cosmology, quantum field theory and astrobiology

"Through my scientific work I have come to believe more and more strongly that the physical universe is put together with an ingenuity so astonishing that I cannot accept it as a brute fact....I cannot believe that our existence in this universe is a mere quirk of fate, an accident of history, an incidental blip in the great cosmic drama."

"The laws of physics ... seem to be the product of exceedingly ingenious design... The universe must have a purpose.”

Robert Jastrow


Robert Jastrow is First chairman of NASA’s Lunar Exploration Committee, 

Chief of the Theoretical Division at NASA (1958–61). He is Founding director of NASAs Goddard Institute for Space Studies 

"For the scientist who has lived by his faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the mountains of ignorance; he is about to conquer the highest peak; as he pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries."

Alan Sandage – Astronomer


Alan Sandage became a Christian aged 57 as a result of studying the universe

“It was my science that drove me to the conclusion that the world is much more complicated than science… it is only through the supernatural but I can understand the mystery of existence”

Sir Arthur Eddington OM FRS was an eminent English astronomer, physicist and mathematician


Sir Arthur Eddington, astronomer physicist and mathematician, is known for his groundbreaking research in astrophysics. He discovered what was later called 'The Eddington limit' - the natural limit to the luminosity of stars, or the radiation generated by accretion onto a compact object (named in his honour).

He was awarded the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society

"The idea of a universal mind or Logos would be, I think, a fairly plausible inference from the present state of scientific theory." 

"It may seem bizarre, but in my opinion science offers a surer path to God than religion."

Paul Davies – English Physicist, Cambridge, London and Arizona Universities, Chairman of SETI, Director of BEYOND, researcher in cosmology, quantum field theory and astrobiology

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