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Coffee & Cake Department

The Coffee & Cake Dept offers a

lovely range of coffees, drinks and

freshly made cakes. Grab a sofa or sit

at one of our tables and enjoy a drink

with your family and friends.



Opening hours

We are currently open on Monday - Wednesday mornings from 9am to 12.00.

We look forward to seeing you

CCD 7yr b.jpg

Celebrating 7 years!

Good coffee matters but people matter more!

For us here at the Coffee & Cake dept our mission has always been about the people - from Jute coffee our local coffee producer to our lovely milk man Ashley; from barista training people to our amazing bakers and all the volunteers that make it all happen. Today we mark 7 years of the Coffee and Cake Dept. We are currently shut as the world battles against Covid 19 but will be back running soon!

Coffee & cake dept is a non profit, volunteer run coffee shop. We feel privileged to be raising money to provide for fresh-clean water for people in Malawi. Click the button below to see how we are helping in Malawi. We love working as a team with a diversity of people. We try to help volunteer by gaining ‘back to work’ confidence, from learning new skills to making new friends, mentoring youth on a Saturday & helping them to achieve DofE awards. When new volunteers with spare time just need a bit of encouragement or a smiley face to conquer fears and anxiety, to finding new jobs and careers, we like to meet people where they are at!

Why coffee & cake? We are pretty sure that some of the greatest lessons in life can be learnt behind the counter!

- The power of attention to detail

- The path of precision

- The flow of a clean work space

- The humility in serving

- The strength to keep cool when things go wrong 

- And how to really enjoy a morning coffee with a smile

Working with people, loving people, engaging with youth, praying for people, and our outreach efforts all point towards Jesus! Whilst most people don’t expect a cup of coffee to change their life, here at Harborough community church we do. It takes a group of passionate people to build a good cup of coffee and we know that’s the secret to an amazing chance to reach out to our community! 


Helping in the Coffee Shop

If you are interested in helping in the Coffee & Cake Department, please let us know. The CCD is staffed by unpaid volunteers. There are single sessions each week available, multiple days and occasional help when someone is away or poorly. Fill out the form below if you would like to help and we will be in touch.

A Cup of Coffee


Harborough Community Church,
121 Bath Street,
Market Harborough, Leicestershire

Thanks for submitting!

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