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Wow! God provided in an amazing way

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

“Never will I leave you never will I forsake you” Hebrews 13 v 5

Todays encouragement comes anonymously and is such an encouragement:

Just under two weeks ago our washing machine broke. Financially we’re not in a position whereby we can just buy a new one as things are more than a little tight. But I know that God cares for us, he meets our needs, he cares about every aspect of our lives. So, I told my husband I’d pray about it, to which he laughed.

Over the course of a few hours I went through a variety of emotions and prayers-thanksgiving, knowing God would provide, desperation, worry, praise. You name it, I went through it all. My mind was fixated on it being fixed either miraculously or at the hands of my husband. Little did I know that it wasn’t God’s plan. He put us, our family, on the heart of a loving and generous soul (of which we have no idea who they are) who anonymously delivered a generous amount of money through our letterbox along with a bible verse.

We were gobsmacked. I cried. My husband could not get his around what had just happened. Not only could we buy a new washing machine, but we could MOT the car, put money aside for a few other items that were upcoming and bless someone else. 

I‘m so thankful that God cared about my washing machine, and about our finances. I’m so thankful that someone listened to God’s whisper. We don’t always know what the solution will be, but when God is involved there will be a solution, even the most unexpected of ones. 

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